From Environmental Cycles to the Non-Origin of the Universe

If one agrees that the East could not be wrong with the yin-yang conceptual representation of the Universe and everything it contains, and that the West must be right with the Theory of Evolution and everything it selects, then the notion of origin is irrelevant as "Everything" is about revolving "Nothing". Human can make the difference.

From-nothing-to-everything diagram

The representation of nothing as yin-yang interaction between an elementary particle and its anti-particle counterpart. In a pure state of nothing, crystallization is spontaneous and exothermic. It leads to matter with release of energy, space and time. Natural selection does the rest, with matter and anti-matter submitted to a single rule, the fitter the better. Gravity is a manifestation of anti-matter and remains proportional to matter at all times. The system is entirely reversible with no time/space constraints.

Starting from that advanced though basic evidence-based scientific, philosophical and theological merged principle, one can analyze the world we live in with wisdom and rejuvenated curiosity as Human; body and mind are naturally selected advanced interacting components reminiscent of earlier more basic assemblages of matter and anti-matter, which evolved independently according to the same rule, ie Natural Selection. As Man shares a common ancestor with Stone that fills in the Universe, one perceives the true nature of matter, which naturally evolved to the complex human genome. Anti-matter is no more complicated to perceive; it started with gravity as its most basic anti-space manifestation in Stone and naturally evolved to mind in its most sophisticated anti-genome manifestation in Human.

The non-origin hypothesis of the Universe does require additional validation studies that keep on-going at all levels, ie scientific, philosophical and theological. So far, it is an extrapolation of common knowledge. It helps though at taking today the right decision for the future of Humanity; (i) at scientific level, it appears that dark holes are of infinite low – not high – density, (ii) at philosophical level, it sounds like the aim of a human lifetime is to create Value, and (iii) at theological level, Human appears as a promising alternative concept to God.

In fact, Nature always keeps trace of its past and current man affairs follow the same cyclic, repeatable pattern of development as all phenomena in the entire Universe. By creating Value, Humans have the unique ability to counteract Nature and the today predictable future collapse of the Universe. The size of the challenge is to the height of Humanity as a Talent.