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11th World Congress Health & Education Millenium (HEM)

2010 Moscow

The French Paradox refers to the past observation that similar dietary patterns do not necessarily produce similar lifestyle-related disease patterns. In this respect, the French were shown to be less prone to developing cardiovascular disease from saturated fats and cholesterol-rich diets. Other dietary factors were sought to explain the observed differences in epidemiological studies, duly confirmed by clinical intervention trials. Alcohol consumption, omega-6/3 balanced fats, and other socio-psychological habits were identified as potential explanations for the observed differences. This change in paradigm in the way cause-effect health/ill-health relationships are sought – from somatic (body) only, to psychosomatic (mind-body) -, enforces the modern scientifically evidence-based modern concept of holistic health.

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A Picture of Egypt

15th World Congress on Clinical Nutrition

2010 Ain El Sokhna

From an evolutionary perspective, it is no surprise that the human genome contains some 20% clock genes of various periods; chronomes were first. Evolved life systems in general, human in particular, still are to a large extent about rhythms, as most if not all more basic non-accidental phenomena in the universe; the earth revolution-associated 24-hrs period rhythm obviously is the most prominent of all life-related genome-imprinted dynamics. It is an important albeit not recognized as such aspect of medicine that environmental rhythms are imprinted in our genes to an extent that they do influence our behavior and health(...)

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Evidence-Based Holistic Approach to Health

2010 Krakow

The TsimTsoum Institute (TTI) was established 2009 in Krakow, Poland. TTI is an international non-profit scientific organization supporting research studies in the specific field of mind-body or memes-genes interactions. The purpose is to open door to a modern more holistic East/West approach to Health for a better grasp of factors influencing health and disease. TTI aims at cooperating with health scientists and health care professionals who work in the fields of medicine, biochemistry, food and nutrition, psychology and other related disciplines and who are interested in an evidence-based approach to holistic health, and at confronting results with those from other approaches developed by theologists, philosophers, and politicians(...)

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A Picture of Kosice

14th WCCN & 5th ICCD

2009 Kosice

Interactions between cultural & socio-economical environments on the one hand, physical & biological environments on the other hand, result into behavioral adaptation or mal-adaptation and body/mind health or disease, respectively.

There is continuous interaction of these factors with the individual body/mind balance (occupational stress, diet, lifestyle) – potentially causing mal-adaptation and/or instability, and eventually resulting into dysfunction of various organs in the body and related diseases. Functional lifestyle’s components (TsimTsoum concept) help keeping balance(...)

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